Quality Manager - NQA, Utility Plant Equip

Company Name:
CLEAR Management Solutions
We are working on an immediate opportunity in the Erie, PA area for a Quality Manager. This position will assure that quality requirements of both the product and Quality Assurance system are in compliance with specifications and within the limits of established policies.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
o Train, test and monitor effectiveness of all nondestructive testing personnel per ASNT-TC-1A Examiner & Level III.
o Train, test and monitor effectiveness of visual and dimensional inspection personnel per company guidelines.
o Train and qualify all Quality Assurance Engineers and Technicians in regard to job functions.
o Evaluate customer inquiries for man-hour determinations and cost impacts.
o Evaluate weld procedure and performance qualifications in accordance with Section IX.
o Develop manufacturing and inspection procedures on a contract basis.
o Evaluate route cards for inspection points at various phases of manufacturing.
o Develop internal non-destructive test procedure and formally qualify them for Authorized Nuclear Inspection and customer.
o Evaluate vendor generated non-destructive testing and manufacturing procedures.
o Provide customer liaison regarding inspection visits and contract negotiations.
o Perform and train and qualify personnel to perform sub-vendor audit for compliance to contractual requirements.
o Ensure that all purchases are properly written to customer contractually required specifications and that all material is inspected and tested to insure compliance to our purchase orders.
o Develop administration procedure and tests for qualification of previously mentioned personnel.
Skills and experience needed includes:
o Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent; or minimum of three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
o Working Knowledge of Nuclear Quality specifications (NQA-1, 10 CFR Appendix B)
o Highly proficient in Microsoft Office.
o Strong communication and leadership skills required.
o Ability to work in a team-oriented environment that is fast paced and demanding.
o Must be self-directed, have initiative and excellent organizational skills.
o Exhibit a strong ability to handle multiple demands with a sense of urgency, drive and energy.
To explore this opportunity further please contact:
Rob Lyon
CLEAR Management Solutions
West (408) 484-6266
East (603) 888-3466
Main (866) 952-8855

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